Not Fashionably Late for Change

Conscious fashion is no longer a trend but rather a responsibility to make social and environmental changes.

At Delta Fashion Global, we serve as a platform for conscious fashion brands and consumers who are passionate about engaging in positive changes to the sourcing, production and consumerism of clothes.

Kadie Afrik

Kadie Afrik is a fashion industry veteran spanning nearly 15 years in combined experience of apparel design, merchandising, branding and sales. She spent the last decade honing her expertise at marquee organizations such as Ralph Lauren, Prada and LVMH in New York and Milan.

In 2019, Kadie, a West African native and citizen of a global community with a passion for social impact, started asking how she can help reshape the conversation and narratives around consciousness in fashion. As a result she established Delta Fashion Global in Chicago, an organization dedicated to spotlight Midwest’s conscious fashion community.

As part of her desire to discover the intersection of fashion, lifestyle and culture, Kadie curates experiential events bringing some of the most exciting names to the table and connecting a community interested in championing social change.
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